Reading to Write Series: V.E. Schwab

Brief Biography

Victoria (V.E) Schwab lives between the US, Scotland, and France. She was born in the late 80’s.

She went to Washington University and majored in Communication Design after deciding against several other majors.

She has published a lot of stories, with a mix of different age groups and formats.

Her first book, The Near Witch, was published in 2011.

How I came to know about her

I first learned of V.E. Schwab through Twitter. She was one of my recommendations and I started to follow her.

I’ve read a bit of her work, but not the ones she is more known for, so I am excited to read them within this series.

She isn’t on Twitter really anymore, but she is on Instagram.

The works I plan on reading by her in this series

Why do I want to read a selection of her works?

I really enjoyed following her on Twitter. She gave good advice and was friendly. She is also a really hard worker. She has a lot of projects on the go, reads a lot, and is physically active.

I admire her as a writer and as a person and I think she is a really good role model for aspiring writers.

Victoria Schwab tends to go by “V.E. Schwab” on her adult fantasy books. Unfortunately, this is because it makes her gender ambiguous so readers are more likely to read her books from that genre. She is a powerhouse in SFF, so it is wild to me that she still has to do it. I am, of course, disappointed in society in general that she feels like she has to, but there are so many excellent female SFF writers that it’s frustrating that having a feminine first name can make an author face bias.

She is a best selling author and I want to read the authors at the top of their games to learn what I can by reading their works.

Also, from what I have read of hers, she is an excellent writer and there is a lot to learn from reading her stories.

I want to focus on her works for adults, with The Vine Witch thrown in because it’s one that I have read before and enjoyed.

Resources/advice she has given to writers

V.E. Schwab was a guest on Tim Clare’s The Death of a Thousand Cuts podcast. I listened to this a while ago, but you can also find it here and also on popular podcast apps.

She has a YouTube channel has where she talks about craft. She has a series called “No Write Way,” in which she interviews other writers.

Where is V.E. Schwab online?




YouTube Channel



What I’m reading now

I am currently reading The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue.

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