Monthly Joy Reflection: February 2022

This has been a bit of a month, but even so, there are things that I have found joy in.

Care Package from Canada

My mom sent me a care package from Canada to the UK. It took a few months, but was definitely worth the wait!

She sent me so much and I’m honestly still so surprised but so grateful. She mostly sent me a mix of jewelry and soft things, all of which I love.

Book Club Reawakening

We use Discord to chat as it is free and easy to use.

Last year, a friend and I started a book club where we would read a book and then watch the movie that it was based on. It was a lot of fun but we decided to take a break from it to have some breathing room.

We started it back up at the beginning of the month and it was a lot of fun. We read/watched The Host by Stephanie Meyer and it was great to catch up and hear about everyone’s thoughts on the stories and how the movie was adapted.

I’m lucky that it is a group of friends who are participating and I have a lot of respect for all of them. This is great because I don’t have to moderate in the sense of intervening if people are disrespectful to one another (as we all know can happen online), but I just get to help the conversation keep moving and bring us back on topic if we drift away for too long.

Next month we’ll be talking about Hidden Figures, which will be an exciting change of genre. There are a lot of different genre preferences within our reading group, so we are going to read a variety of genres. This will be really interesting because we’ll all get to read outside of our favourite genres.

I enjoy reading books that I otherwise wouldn’t read. It’s how I found some of my favourite books. For example, I was in the Life’s Library Bookclub for a while and I was introduced to The Murderbot Series by Martha Wells and Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder, which are now some of my favourite books.

I’m also terrible at watching movies, but as it’s part of the book club, I am watching more.

Kennilworth Castle

For our anniversary last month, John and I decided to go to Kennilworth Castle. Even though this was last month, this is the first monthly joy post, so I wanted to include it as it still makes me happy.

We were able to explore the ruins of the castle and learn about it. There were some parts that were really high up, but they weren’t too bad as they had built supports and sturdy stairs. And the castle has been standing for hundreds of years, so that helped.

It was so interesting to get to walk around and be surrounded by history. To learn the stories of people who lived in that spot hundreds of years ago, to see the changes that have happened over time – both man-made and natural.

I’ve been to a couple of castles previously, Harlech and Cardiff in Wales, and it was incredible to see the differences. Cardiff feels like it’s been better maintained (you can even stay in some of their rooms like a hotel!).

I’m hoping to visit more heritage sites, especially castles, especially as things are starting to open a bit. I’m looking forward to it becoming warmer to be able to explore when the weather is a bit nicer and to be able to enjoy the fresh air.


A Nintendo 2DS screen that shows "Pokemon Crystal Version." It also has the date it was published "2001 Game Freak inc". It has a black background, "Pokemon" in yellow, "Crystal Version" in white and pink, and "2001 Game Freak inc." in white. There is an outline of a pokemon in purple with yellow eyes (it kind of looks like a dog with a cape made of clouds).

I started playing an older version of Pokémon a while ago, Pokémon Crystal. I put it down for a bit but recently started playing again. I got a bit stuck, but after picking it back up I have gotten past that part in the game. I’m currently on 7/8 badges, which is exciting.

I really only picked up Pokémon games around the original Ruby and Sapphire games. I played both as well as Pokémon Colleseum and loved them. I played Leaf Green and Fire Red, but haven’t played too much since then. I have some newer ones that I have gotten, but I need to finish them still. I have been enjoying Crystal, so I intend on going back to the other games to finish them.

This is my current party:

A list of five pokemon with their levels and health. At the bottom it says "choose a pokemon." The pokemon are: staryu, rocky (which is a onyx), magneton, quilava, and pidgeotto.

I’m going to try to catch lapras because it’s a ‘lil cutie, but I don’t have a lot of plans for any other changes. I do want to evolve my staru to a starmie, but I have to get a specific rock for that and I don’t have one yet. I’m hoping to soon!

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