Joy Post: May 2022

This post was a bit delayed (whoops), but I still wanted to share my favourite things from May.

Dogs Fest

I want a dog but it’s not the right time for me to adopt one. There was recently an event fairly close by called Dogs Fest, which I went to.

The wait line to get into the car park was an hour and a half. That was a difficult wait, but when we finally go into the event it was great.

There were dogs *everywhere* it was incredible! There were some types of dogs that I’ve never seen in real life before, such as a Saluki and an English Bull Terrier. The bull terrier was named Lily (the same as my cat!) and I got to pet her. I wasn’t really sure how to pet her because her face was different to what I was used to, but she was very calm and patient with me.

There was also a golden retriever named “Samwise” which I thought was amazing!

It would have been more interesting if I had a dog, but it was still a great time to watch all the events and to see all of different types of dogs.

I bought Lily a dog blanket, and she has barely let go of it!

Dogs Trust, which is a dog re-homing charity in the UK, hosted the event. They do a lot of good work and take care of a lot of dogs.

Growing Plants

I’ve never been good at keeping plants alive. A year or so ago, I bought a snake plant and have managed to keep it alive.

I subscribe to the Mind boxes and a few months ago they sent basil seeds. I was a bit dubious, but tried my hand at planting them and they’ve been growing! The basil tastes amazing and it’s even more special that it’s come from a plant that I have been nurturing for months. I’ve never been able to grow anything from seeds, so I was very excited.

Because of the success of the basil sprouting, John’s mom bought me a cucumber and a tomato plant. I got some other vegetables, but the basil and the tomato plants are definitely doing the best!

It’s been stressful trying to figure out what the plants need, but it has been very exciting to see them grow.

Spa Day

Towards the end of May, I went to Achill Spa for a spa day with a group of women. We had an area all to ourselves for the day that had a hot tub and seating (and a heat lamp!), an afternoon tea, and could book in treatments.

The area was incredible and they even provided blankets.

I went for the Indian Head Massage and it was incredible. It was relaxing and felt so nice. I fully intend on getting another one – hopefully soon!

There has been a lot going on, but I feel like I am in a better headspace to focus on my blog again and this is my 50th published post!

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