My Desk Set-Up

*Just to note, I originally published this one on 31/07/22 in error. I decided to add some pictures and do some editing for it and then schedule a different post, but scheduled this one instead – so sorry for everyone who has read the earlier, unedited, version of this and is getting some de ja vu!*

I have included this post in my happiness archives and in my writing categories because I really like my desk set up and it is where I do most of my writing.

I’ve had a few different desks over the years.

A glass bar table and stool that looked incredible but made essays terrifying.

A big wooden corner desk with lots of shelving.

And currently an IKEA table I put a couple of legs and a cupboard under.

I don’t know a lot of the technical specifications of my computer bits, so I’m just going to focus on the features of them I enjoy the most.

I’ve had this desk organised in a few different ways over the years, but this is my favourite so far!

The main thing I don’t like about my desk is that it is a massive dust magnet. I dusted this morning and the dust began its return when I started taking the photos for this post!

When possible, I’ve linked to where I got things that are a bit more difficult to find. I’m not affiliated with any of the companies/creators and won’t get any money from following links. These are just things that I’ve come across and really enjoy!

Desk mat and wrist rests

A desk that has a mat with an image of a mountain and cherry blossoms.  On the mat is a keyboard, wrist rest, mouse, and a collection of some items I have on my desk.

I got this mat at a retro video game fair at the Custard Factory a year or so ago and it changed the way that I organise my desk. I used to have some shelving on my desk but the mat was too big so one of them had to go. The mat is pretty and I’m glad that I chose it! It works really well when I’m on my computer, but I take my keyboard off of the mat to use the space to do other things (e.g. cross-stitch). It’s great being able to have a good amount of space.

For my wrist rests, I’ve got the pink and blue one, which I got when I got the desk mat, and then just a plain, black one for when I use my mouse.

Cable manager

A blue rectangle with cables that have small rectangles that wrap around them. These are magnetically attached to the larger rectangle and hold the cables down.

I had been thinking about getting one of these for a while, but recently caved. Essentially, there is a base that sticks onto the desk that is magnetic. Then there are smaller magnets that cables can slide into. This allows me to keep track of my cables and be able to find them quickly. There were times when I wanted a specific cable and it had fallen behind my desk, so this has been a big time saver for me.

Spider plant

A tall spider plant with rigid upward facing leaves in a gray concrete vase. There is also a large air purifier to the side and a diffuser on top of that.

I bought this a couple of years ago from Patch Plants and it has been on my desk every since. It is supposed to be air purifying, but it was the first plant I ever kept alive for more than a few months. I love the green that it brings to my desk.

Incense sticks

The pot with the diffuser and incense sticks.

I have to be careful with smelly things because I’m prone to allergies and asthma. I’ve found this one (caramel and vanilla!) from The Body Shop and it doesn’t trigger any allergy or asthma symptoms and it smells incredible.

Air purifier

A plastic, large, and cylindrical structure that has "levoit" on the front.

I have allergies and asthma, so this is a must! It’s a bit of an old air purifier. I replace the filters in it every so often. It’s gotten pretty old and very loud. I’ve been considering getting a new one, but I’m reluctant to part with it because it still works.


On the left is a pen cup that is fairly simple in shape and has some designs of Saturn and stars. The resin tray is to the right of it and has some bits and bobs in. It is a hexagon with low sides and is gray and black with some gold foil in it. It has a fidget cube, some lip balm, some floss, and some pop sockets in it.

The resin tray is one I recently got at a local fair. I keep random bits in it that I want close to hand but don’t want just hanging around my desk for me to lose. I’ve also got a pen cup that I thought was pretty and does the job.


A black, curved computer monitor.

John got this for me a few years ago for my birthday and I love it. It’s got a curved screen which makes it more comfortable to look at and it has a bit that pops out for my computer headphones.


A chunk headset with cushioning on the top and over the ears. The headset is up.

I have a pair of HyperX headphones and they’re great. The sound quality is good and I can pop the microphone up to mute myself (although I often forget to unmute myself!). They’re also wireless, which is great for when I am on a call with friends but I want to step away from the computer but not from the call.


A gaming mouse with some extra keys and a rest for the thumb.

A Logitech G Series mouse. It looks big but is surprisingly comfortable as I have small hands. It’s got a bit of a thumb rest, which I think makes it more comfortable. I’ve also got a mouse bungee (the pink pyramid-looking thing that has my mouse cable running through it). This has been great as my mouse was snagging on things, especially the back of my desk, and it was causing me a lot of issues. I’ve found that it makes using the mouse easier, as well.


A full UK keyboard. It is lit up and has the "HyperX" logo.

I’ve had this keyboard for a good while. It is a sturdy mechanical keyboard by HyperX. It’s got a gaming function so I can disable accidentally hitting the windows key and coming out of a game I’m playing. It also has a USB port on the back if I want to charge anything from it.

X-Box controller

A plain white xbox controller on a matching stand.

I got this controller a year or so ago. It is wireless and I can use it on my iPad and computer (cabled). I bought an attachment so I can charge it instead of using batteries. There is an attachment that will make it so that I can connect it wirelessly to my computer, but that isn’t a priority. I’ll get one eventually, though.

The stand that the Xbox is on was wirelessly printed by John and it’s great.


I’ve got a cheap IKEA lamp but it does what I need it to do. I’ve got a Phillips Hue lightbulb in it which is really helpful if I am busy and want to turn the light on/off but don’t want to stop what I’m doing. It also changes to different colours!


An Apple HomePOod mini. It has a flat top and the rest of it is round. There is a speaker-like texture all around it.

While I like it, the sound bleeds through the walls (and floor!) and it can be difficult for me to hear voices (podcasts/audiobooks), but it has been really handy still.

Air Pods

A togepi pokemon case. It is shaped like the pokemon (an egg with arms and legs and it has a bit of a spiky head). It has a happy facial expression.

I deliberated over these for a long time because they are a bit pricey, but I ended up getting them because I can use them as budget hearing aids and when I listen to anything on them they can tailor the sound to my specific hearing loss. I also love my togepi case!


An old style poster that says "Stingrays: Part Shark and, we suspect, part U.F.O". It has two hand drawn stingrays underneath the wording.

Under that, it says "The incredible and interactive Stingray Bay. Only at the Toronto Zoo."

I picked this poster up when I was still at high school at the Toronto Zoo and I’ve brought it to every place I’ve lived since. I still don’t completely understand the poster, but I absolutely love it. I plan on getting it framed eventually to try to protect it a bit.


A large, round coaster with uneven but smooth edges. It is black and dark purple with a gold edge and the centre has sparkly flakes in it.

While practical, I really only bought this coaster because of how pretty it is. I also like the size; it doesn’t matter how big of a cup of tea I want, it will fit on the coaster.


A simple, round candle holder that is cement on the bottom and a glazed glass on the top half. There is a light in it coming from a batter powered tea light.

I have a little electronic candle in the candle holder, which I got from ASDA years ago.


A blocky plastic eevee Pokemon. It closely resembles a fox.

Eevee is one of my favourite Pokémon, so John 3D printed me a lil Eevee to sit on my desk.

Lego mini-figures

Tho lego figurines of people. On the right is Jonathan Van Ness who has a bead and long hair. They are holding a lego mug. Beside JVN is a Loki lego figurine. He has shoulder length hair and is wearing close from the Loki show.

I have Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye and Marvel’s Loki. Eventually I want to get the full Queer Eye set, but I don’t have the space for it. I like these two, though.

Star Wars bobble heads

Two figurines of Star Wars droids (robots).

The first is of hopper who kind of looks like a trash can with legs, metal-esque arms and a little round sattelite had. 

To the right is BB8 whose base is a ball and then the head kind of looks like an upturned bowl with antannae coming out of their head and a large black eye in the centre of their face.

I like Star Wars, but the droids tend to be my favourite characters. I’ve got BB-8 and I’m borrowing the Chopper figurine from John.

Blue Chicken

A crocheted chicken

My friend, Ashly, crocheted this chicken for me. It is from the game Stardew Valley and I’ve been obsessed with it since she gifted it to me.


An upright cartoon dragon with a smirk, wings, and horns. He is holding a soft cloth that has been rolled up.

I really like the Spyro games and I saw a figurine online of a Spyro that can hold things, so it was an easy decision for me to get it. He mostly just holds my personal mouse when I am working and using my work mouse. It is genuinely a great use because it keeps it out of the way and helped me to rationalise buying it. He also holds my Air Pod ear secures (on his wing).

Pop Socket Stand

A stand that has three sections that are interconnected. A round base, a ring, and a horseshoe with handles. They all fold out so the joins are apparent. It is folded up at the moment.

Not quite a decoration, but I have a Pop Socket stand. I use this for my phone as I have a Pop Socket on the back of it. This is incredibly useful and it is very easy to use. I used to have a pop socket on my Kindle, but I don’t anymore. I do put my Kindle in sideways sometimes now if I want to put it somewhere safe.


The left corner of my desk is miscellaneous area. I usually put whatever I’m reading there while I’m doing other things at my desk. Currently, I’m reading a Mslexia magazine.

I hope you all enjoyed the tour of my desk. This has been a longer post than I expected, but I some of these finds have brought me a lot of joy (the cable organiser has been a major game changer!).

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