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Katie’s Convos is a blog primarily focused on books and writing, with occasional posts about health.

The book reviews are usually on Science Fiction and Fantasy (SFF) and Young Adult (YA) books, but stories from other genres do feature. They are written for those who would enjoy reading a particular book, instead of on a star rating or other similar criteria. Often, there is a side note that will delve into something that has sparked interest – whether from within the book or without.

This blog came about after years of daydreaming and false starts, but is now here to stay.

The aim of Katie’s Convos is to talk about issues honestly and fairly, whether with personal health experiences or when reviewing books and short stories.

The Author


I’m Katie and I am the owner of this blog. I write as mooseisreading.

I was born in Canada in the early ’90s. I lived there until I followed my heart and took a study abroad year in 2015 to the U.K., which is where I still live today.

I love reading and talking about books – to the point where I sometimes bore loved ones – and so I wanted somewhere to talk about them with other people who also love to talk about books. There is almost no genre of book that I am not interested in reading, but I tend to focus on SFF, YA, and New Adult, which is reflected in the type of reviews I write. I am hoping to eventually branch out a bit more to read a wider variety of genres (there are too many good books!).

For the majority of my life I have wanted to write professionally, but I never felt ready. A few years ago I decided that I just had to start putting the work in to write a book, even if I didn’t feel ready. I have now finished the first draft of my story, but I am sharing that journey in case other people can learn from it – and to connect with other writers. I am not writing professionally – yet – but I am enjoying my journey.

Over the course of my life, I have had issues with healthcare services. These issues mostly stemmed from not being believed by health professionals when I thought that something was wrong. Most of those concerns have now been validated and could have been discovered through simple tests. I have either received treatment for these issues or am learning to manage them. I talk about my experiences in the hopes that other people, particularly women, do not go through the same experiences that I did and ensure that their voices are heard when talking with health professionals.

My other hobbies include cross-stitch, playing video games, watching movies and T.V., and looking out for dogs that walk past my window.

I also have two very cute, demanding cats, who occasionally feature in photos.

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